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Artificial Intelligence is the new buzzword. The term is so much synonymous with robots that the first image it brings to mind is the Terminator movie which shows machines acquiring human intelligence and taking over mankind. While that’s just the science fiction aspect of AI, the actual science has presented us with self-driving cars, speech recognition tools, natural language processing tools like Siri, computer vision and many more. Machine Learning (ML) is a subset of this broad field of AI and it focuses on clever data analysis algorithms. Data is everywhere and it’s ever increasing nature has motivated analysts to find new methods to study them, find trends and patterns in them, extract useful information from them and also make predictions about new data. Unlike traditional data analysis methods of statistical studies or visualization techniques, ML presents algorithms which let computers ‘learn’ from the data presented to them, make models based on this learning and use these models to predict new data. Without explicitly programming, ML models make computers act intelligently with no human intervention to make predictions/decisions when presented with new data.

At Xen.AI, we are committed to nurture the aspiring machine learning engineers and data scientists using our innovative mentorship and internship programs.

Our domain experts can help build innovative and custom solutions and applications using Artificial Intelligence technologies.