AI based Data analytics solutions

AI driven data analysis
AI driven data analysis
AI, Machine Learning and Big Data technologies can help companies to analyze and correlate large amount of data and produce powerful insights, trends and recommendations that can be used to take data driven business decisions and adjust business priorities.

Xen.AI can offer AI based data analytics solutions to apply artificial intelligence, machine learning, deep learning and data science technologies to improve the efficiency and reduce the operating cost.



Customer Case Studies

Machine Learning based data analytics solution for Schools



School management needs a data analytics solution that can help analyze various data that the school collectes about student performance and produce dashboards showing various trends and insights. Help create a personilized learning plan for each student.




Xen.AI is developing a machine learning based data analytics solution that can process all the data that the school collects and creates dashboards to show various trends and potential issues. We will create useful reports and personalized learning plan for each student. We will use machine learning technologies to correlate the data to understand various trends and identify focus areas for improvement.


We can help build innovative solutions and applications using Artificial Intelligence technologies.