Condition Based Monitoring, Anomaly Detection, Predictive Maintenance Solutions

OpenIndustry.AI - PdM is an Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML) and Deep Learning based customizable solution suite for Industry 4.0 offering Condition Based Monitoring, Anomaly detection and Predictive Maintenance.


Predictive maintenance (PdM) is maintenance that monitors performance and condition of the equipment during normal operation to reduce the likelihood of failures. Predictive maintenance evaluates the condition of equipment by performing periodic (offline) or continuous (online) equipment condition monitoring. The ultimate goal of the approach is an ability to predict when equipment failure could occur (based on certain factors), and to perform maintenance at a scheduled point in time prior to this, i.e. when the maintenance activity is most cost-effective and before the equipment loses performance.


OpenIndustry.AI - PdM solutions can be helpful in a wide variety of industry fields, for example, automotive, railway, manufacturing, oil and gas, network infrastructure management, finance, advertising etc. Possible positive outcomes include:

  • Ability to predict and monitor potential maintenance or failures and plan all related actions in advance.
  • Make very specific part replacement rather than a costly bulk screening of all potential causes.
  • Timely detection of failures can help reduce the amount of unplanned downtime repairs and relevant costs.
  • Increase the customer satisfaction and retention.
  • Increase the company revenue.


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Please see our use case slides and demo applications:
Anomaly detection demo application
Remaining useful time demo application
Vibration Analysis slide




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