ICU & Hospital Data Analytics Solutions

OpenHealthCare.AI - ICU & Hospital Data Analytics is an Artificial intelligence and machine learning based customizable solutions suite for Hospital and ICU data analytics.

ICU Data Analytics solutions
ICU Data Analytics solutions

In times of an extraordinary event like an epidemic, pandemic or natural disaster, Intensive Care Unit and Emergency departments in a hospital operate at full or excess capacity. Hospital resources are overworked and stressed in these situations. Healthcare workers will be exposed to the epidemic. There is an immediate need to assist hospital operations with technology that helps to keep healthcare workers safer and help minimize errors in treating patients. The focus of this project will be to assist healthcare workers in ICU and emergency departments through technology to perform their jobs better.

Goals and Benefits

OpenHealthCare.AI - ICU & Hospital data analytics solution will provide a web based user interface to assist healthcare professionals in a hospital with the following:

  • Analytics and prediction dashboards for hospital management.
  • Provide visibility to ICU operation metrics like patient readmission to ICU, Patient length of stay, predict high risk patients, patient survival analysis and prediction etc.
Goals and Benefits


AI, Machine Learning solutions for Hospitals and ICU Data Analytics
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