Ecommerce Solutions

OpenEcommerce.AI is an Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML) and Deep Learning based customizable solution suite for Ecommerce business operations.


Amount of data is increasing with every single user clicking on the internet. In order to make sense of the vast amount of available data and use it for competitive advantage, one should make use of the latest Data Science, Machine Learning and Deep Learning technologies. For example, to keep customers engaged with the website or to improve the customer's experience, one needs to recommend the customer only the goods and services that he or she would potentially be interested in, i.e. we should develop a recommendation system to offer such personalized services.

  • Automated reports showing key metrics and their relationship with customer data.
  • Online monitoring of current and expected metrics would reveal main trends, and help define business strategy.
  • Recommend specific goods and services to different customers individually based on historical data.
  • Customer analytics, prediction of customer lifetime value, cost of attracting customers, churn analysis.
  • It helps businesses in deciding their spends, know about their customers and effectively plan their future.
  • Run fraud detection models to predict main factors causing the fraud and timely take actions to prevent them.


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