Energy Solutions

OpenIndustry.AI - Energy is an Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML) and Deep Learning based customizable solution suite for Energy sector.


Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML) and data science technologies can help improve operational efficiency and reduce the operational cost for Energy sector companies like Utilities providers, Power plants and Oil & Gas companies. For example, having experience in detecting faulty insulators, we can help increase reliability of power lines in a very cost efficient way. Similarly, video analysis from drones allows to find problematic objects like broken poles in the area suffering from extreme weather conditions (hurricanes, flooding, etc), to detect wildfires, encroachment of vegetation to power lines. In general, periodic asset inspections with drones can also be used for a predictive maintenance replacing time intensive and risky manual inspections.

Use cases

Potential use cases for using AI in energy sector include:

  • Predictive maintenance of components and equipment.
  • Wildfire detection & prevention - Detecting encroachment of vegetation to power lines and wildfire threat to power lines.
  • Weather data analysis and advanced warning.
  • Customer Insights (e.g. craft electricity prices that maximize their margins while minimizing customer churn).
  • Call centers: introducing virtual agents to respond to consumer queries and provide instant assistance (even in real time); sentiment analysis, call classification, call database with quick search.
  • Load forecasting: forecast supply and demand in real time and optimize economic load dispatch, predict supply and demand peaks etc.
Use cases

Our domain experts can help develop and manage custom solutions and applications using Artificial Intelligence technologies.