Innovative AI solutions at lowest cost
Innovative AI solutions at lowest cost
At Xen.AI, our goal is to provide innovative AI solutions to our customer's business problems at the lowest possible cost. We achieve this goal by building our AI solutions on top of open source innovations and by using AI technology leaders and domain experts from all over the world as our project contributors. Also, we ensure that we are executing all our projects with lowest possible operating expense in an on-site and offshore delivery model with our teams in USA and India.
Our dedicated expert team
We have a large, passionate group of PhDs from all over the world as Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Deep Learning and domain experts. With this dedicated team of experts we can ensure that the solutions we provide are outstanding.
Our dedicated expert team

Customer Case Studies

Machine Learning based solution for Medical and Business transcription



Medical transcription company with operations in USA and India is currently using hundreds of transcription agents to listen to the medical and business audio notes and manually convert those to text. Company is finding it very difficult to attract and retain human agents to scale the team within the tight operating costs and the thin margin. Company is loosing business opportunites due to lack of transcription agents.




Xen.AI is developing a machine learning and natural language based transcription engine that can automatically process the audio input and produce equivalent text outputs. This solution will help the company to save the time and resources used to do the transcription works.


We can help build innovative solutions and applications using Artificial Intelligence technologies.